What is the One-handed “Arc Mode” in Microsoft’s Word Flow for iOS?

What is the One-handed “Arc Mode” in Microsoft’s Word Flow for iOS?

What is the One-Handed “Arc Mode” in Word Flow and how to use it? This article will show you

Have you installed the Microsoft Word Flow? It is the smarter keyboard for iOS. If so, you will find that its One-Handed Mode is wonderful. It is an easier and more convenient way for your typing experience when using one hand. But if you haven’t installed the Word Flow or you know nothing about it, here’s something about One-Handed “Arc Mode”.

One Handed “Arc Mode” is an option for users to align the keyboard to the right or left side on the screen. The curving shape makes it easier for the thumb to reach the keys, and type more conveniently with one hand.

Window 10 mobile also has the One-handed mode, but it is a keyboard which just compact the letters to the side. However, the Word Flow has the “ Arc Mode”.

The new version of windows 10 mobile re-arranges its keys. Currently using the windows 10 phone users may not sit well with it.
Turn back to Word Flow now. You can try to click the arc keys which are curving around the keyboard. It will be easier to reach if you switch it closer to the bottom in the corner on the screen. No matter which hand you are using. Especially when your smartphone is bigger, then this “Arc mode” is very useful.

After knowing the advantages of this One- Handed “Arc Mode”, you may want to know the use of it. OK, let’s start.
One- Handed “Arc Mode” is one of Word Flow’s functions, if you want to use it, you must install the keyboard first. You can go to setting>find the “keyboard”>click “add new keyboard”

Once the installation was done, other keyboards will appear and you need to click the globe key to find it.

When you start typing, you may want to change the keyboard to be Arc Mode. You can drag down the left upper corner arc icons when you are using your left hand, and drag down the right one when using your right hand.

Above information has shown something about One-handed “Arc Mode”, if you still want to know more iOS tricks, please follow us, we will show you more.