What’s the Difference of These Two Cameras on iPhone7 Plus?

What’s the Difference of These Two Cameras on iPhone7 Plus?

We all know the dual cameras of iPhone7 plus, but do you know the usefulness of these two cameras? In this article, I will show you the difference and usage between these two cameras.

The dual camera of iPhone 7 Plus has been highly concerned by customers. Many users like to take its camera and other brands for comparison, but strictly speaking, the camera still can not be contrast absolutely to the objective, because it relates to some iphone camera tricks and people’s photograph proficiency. Perhaps different users use different devices, and get different effects photos.

However, for these two cameras of the iPhone7 Plus, how much do you know? Do you know their respective usages? If you are interested in its camera, let us learn together now!

Wide-angle lens

This is a camera on the left side of the iPhone7 plus lens, which is a combination of 28mm and ƒ / 1.8 aperture. Totally speaking, it is from a similar point of view to capture the screen scene than the human eye to see much larger.

Zoom function - Double optical zoom

This function can be divided into optical zoom and digital zoom, optical zoom is the distance of the scene closer to re-shooting, and digital zoom is direct to enlarge the photos taken. The former can be maintained after the zoom clarity, which purely enlarges the picture, the screen will become unclear. And the maximum can only reach 5 times of the digital zoom.

Telephoto lens

Generally speaking, the focus can be called telephoto lens which in the 80mm to 300mm area. Although iPhone 7 Plus’s telephoto lens focal length is only 56mm, Apple is also known as the telephoto lens. The lens is on the right side of iPhone7 Plus, suitable for shooting distant objects.

Depth-of-field function

The focus is clear and has “bokeh” function.

In addition to the above features, it also supports shooting wide color gamut photos. It can make the photo color richer, more saturated colors, especially the skin color will more natural. After taking the picture, we need to save the picture in iTunes or iCloud, to prevent photos damage or loss due to some unknown factors. Otherwise, you will need to use other software to recover iphone data.

Apple has integrated those functions together on iPhone7 Plus. When we press the shutter, the two cameras will capture the image, and then fuse the best photos according to the different needs of the environment, to provide users with the best experience.