What to Do If Your App Store Search Isnt Working

What to Do If Your App Store Search Isnt Working

Feel annoy when the App Store not work? Don't worry, here are the easy methods for you to solve the issues.

When you want to download some apps from app store, only to find that there is no result list. What to do when facing this issue? Don’t worry, here’s the guide for you to fix.

It could be the server-side glitch, or the issue of the new search ad system. In order to fix the App Store search well, try to set Apple's Limit Ad Tracking feature.

Set Apple's Limit Ad Tracking feature

Start the Setting app on your iOS device, and scroll a little bit down and find the Privacy to tap. After tapping the Advertising on the bottom of the screen, you will find the Limit Ad Tracking toggle and turn on it.

By these setting, you can fix the App Store search well and make it work again.

Reset the iOS App Store cache

If it doesn’t work, you can try another way. Sometimes, it is the cache which causes the problems and let the App Store not work. So you need to reset the cache. You can find the menu bar to the bottom of the page and tap it no less than 10 times with quick speed. After clearing the cache, you try to search and see. This method also can use for Apple Watch app and Apple Watch app.
If some important data were deleted during this step, you can use the iPhone Data Recovery Software to restore them back.

Reopen the iOS App Store

Similar to the computer issue, restart works most of the time. You can also try this method by double pressing the home button, and remove the open app. After that, re-launch the App again.

Hope above iPhone tips will help you solve the iOS App Store issue.