What to Do When Your iPhone Gets Wet

What to Do When Your iPhone Gets Wet

Here's some steps for you to save your wet Phone

Has your iPhone ever been dropped into the toilet? Did your phone get wet from raining day without taking an umbrella? Or other unexpected things that make you phone wet. It will cause a big inconvenience if the phone get wet. Generally speaking, It means that you have already lost it. You have much important information and you have been used to use it. So it is necessary to fix it well.

(Warning: If the device is on wall charger, please be careful and don’t try to remove it from the water before cutting off the main power. So that you won't get shocked.)

Here I’d like to introduce you some guidances to save your wet phone(actually I hope you won’t need this at any time).

Certainly, you should pick up your device from water as soon as possible for preventing from causing more damage.

Part 1. Guide to deal with dropping into clean water with power on

1.1 pick out the battery from your phone as soon as you can for preventing from short circuit. Get out the SIM card and dry with tissue. Then, put it in a dry and well-ventilated place.

1.2 Blow the wet iPhone with hairdryer in cold draught for one or two hours. Then, use a fan to blow it for a day. If it doesn't work, just put it in a dry and well-ventilated place for three days to let it dry. If you are who know how to take down the device into pieces, you can do it which will make the phone dry out much faster.

To test whether your device still works, plug it into the charger without battery after the steps. If it works, you will probably need a new battery.

Note:As if your phone drown in water for a long period, and finish doing the above steps it can't yet power on. I guess the mainboard is broken and you should go to maintenance and get it fixed.

Part 2. Things you should not do to wet phone

2.1 Do not choose hot draught to dry the phone or expose it in the sun. Or circuit board may be damaged.

2.2 Do not turn off the phone by tapping the power button, or it may cause the phone a short circuit and will ruin the mainboard.

2.3 Do not get the phone powered on if you haven’t dried the battery and phone fully.

2.4 Do not tap any key on the phone to avoid short circuit.

Part 3. Recover iPhone

After finishing the guidences of dealing with water damaged phone, you may need data recovery solfware to retrieve music, videos, massages, contacts etc. On your phone.

Below are some steps for your to follow:

Step 1 Connect the phone to the computer, and turn to the bottom, find the displayed as "Android Broken Data Recovery". Click it and choose the one you want to recover from the phone.

Step 2 Choose a kind of fault type of your device. As your case, I think you should click "Black screen" which is on the right to try. If it cannot, go back to click the left one to follow the introduction on the interface.

Step 3 Tap "Volume down" button, home button and power button together to go into download mode so that this software can gives an analysis to your phone and recover it.

Step 4 When the results all are listed, you can restore them and save these files on the computer. Before that, you need to choose a path to keep those files with clicking "Recover".

It is a troublesome to make the phone wet. Hope the above tips can help your phone to be good condition again and enjoy the time with your phone.

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