Which Color of iPhone 7 Plus Should You Choose When Buying

Which Color of iPhone 7 Plus Should You Choose When Buying

This article will show you the features of 5 color of iPhone 7 Plus, and will help you to make a decision which color to buy.

If you have checked the features of iPhone 7 Plus and make a decision to have one. There are five different colors of it, and every color is very attractive, then some people maybe can’t decide which color to buy. Here, we will show you every color of it to you for your reference.

Rose Gold

The white color on the front combined with the bands on the back top edge make the phone looks more elegant. Its design is more similar to the Gold one. But it look more bright-colored than it, and will get more turn heads if you use it on the street.


As you see in below picture, this licorice Gold color of iPhone 7 plus is very beautiful. The attractive appearance doesn’t means that every one love it. Actually, some people loves it so much, while some totally ignore it. But this won’t deny that the Gold one has a excellent design. At the top back edge of it, you can see the white antenna bands. And you can also see the Apple logo in white color on the back. This color maybe can’t make the scratches or dirt hide well. But it is very personality and very suitable for girls.


The Black color is a classic color which has been used for many previous iPhone. This black anodizing color is darker than before. Previous one is more grey than black. Around the edge, you can see the dark grey banks which across it. It help the black iPhone looks not so montonous. One of the advantage of black is that the scratches and the dirt will be not easy to see. If you are a boy or not so careful to maintian your phone, then black color one is a good choice for you.

Jet Black

Here’s the other black color, jet black, which is darker than a clear black, and with shiny anodizing finishing. The touch is smoother than the matte one. Most of the young people may like this shiny and cool color. But Apply said that this color iphone will let the scratches easily to be seen.


Like the black one, the silver one is also used for many times before. Just like the Gold and Rose Gold one, they all have white-colored front plate and bands across the edges. And this version also will show the dirt easily.

After checking the above introduction of the color of iPhone 7 Plus, have you decided which color of iPhone 7 plus to buy? If so, please don’t forget to use iPhone Transfer when getting the new iPhone.