Zeiss Camera Lens! Let Your iPhone7 Up to The Professional Level Immediately.

Zeiss Camera Lens! Let Your iPhone7 Up to The Professional Level Immediately.

Zeiss has also published a lens for this product especially for iPhone7, with its better optical quality of the external lens. If you are interested in photograph, you can read and learn from this art

The biggest bright spot of iPhone7 should be its dual camera. In the latest generation of iPhone7Plus, Apple has a considerable focus to enhance the ability of the camera.

DxO image experts,Frédéric Guichard had just completed the evaluation of the iPhone 7 camera and announced that the device supports DCI-P3 wide color gamut screen, optical image stabilization, fast autofocus and other new features. There is no doubt that iPhone 7 is a very good mobile shooting equipment.

ExoLens recently announced that accessories manufacturers launched the ExoLensPro and Prime lens specifically for the iPhone 7's. If you think that iPhone7 shooting skill is insufficient, it doesn't matter, except for some iPhone camera tricks, you can try this camera lens!

ExoLens is the three Zeiss iPhone Raynox, including the wide-angle lens, macro lens, and telescope. Lens attached to the aluminum bracket, then clasp on the fuselage of the phone. The lens has anti-reflective, waterproof, dust-proof coating, making no less than DSLR series of lenses. For the iPhone7, ExoLens will be launched the ExoLensPro and Prime lens in December.

These two lenses are designed for single-lens of the iPhone, for iPhone7 / 6sPlus / 6s / 6 / 6 Plus. With the optical components of Zeiss, it can bring professional-grade lens effect for users.

Pro Version

This version will have wide-angle and telephoto two versions of the lens, using the advanced SLR aspheric lens technology, and coupled with aluminum ExoLensEdge base.

Wide Angle Lens

Zeiss Mutar0.6AsphaT wide-angle lens, it’s effect can compare favorably with Sony camera and more optical zoom.

Long Lens

On the Zeiss Mutar2.0xAsphT telephoto lens, it can shoot a clear completely and not distorted photo.

The Prime series has wide-angle 0.6x, telephoto 2x and ultra wide-angle/macro combination and other versions, the launch date for the first quarter will be the next year.

On the other hand, the photo with the higher quality, which means the size of the photo will be larger. So, don’t forget to clean up the phone memory regularly, to back up the photos to the computer or iCloud. Besides, if you find that your photo is damaged or lost due to some unknown reasons, you may also try to use iPhone photo recovery software.

Zeiss lens in hand, you can also become a professional photographer!