iOS Full Data Eraser

All your private files will be erased by this iPhone eraser, and all is impossible to recover.

  • • Erase with simple steps "Connect, Erase, and Restart".
  • • Everything will be gone, as a brand new iPhone.
  • • No longer need to worry about your private data.
  • • Surely make 100% data not retrievable.
iOS Full Data Eraser

Wipe Privacy Before you Sell or Donate Your iPhone?

To protect your persional information, you are supposed to erase all the data before selling or donating your iPhone or iPad.

If you erase iPhone with iOS Eraser & Cleaner, no data will be able to recover, even by professional hacker. The files will be gone for good.

On the contrast, only deleting data as usual, like factory reset, is not a "real delete". Some data are still retrievable.

Permanently Erase iPhone with Ease -- Guide

The erased data will be 100 percent deleted and unrecoverable, even using data recovery tool.

In addition, only three simple steps will be needed to erase content and settings from iPhone, iPad and iPod.

“Connect, Erase, and Restart” is all you need to do. It is super simple but necessary, isn’t it?

Erase iPhone and Return to a New Device

You will erase content and settings. Your device will have no content as a new device after being erased by this iPhone eraser. You can reset all from zero.

All files means all contents, including messages, photos, videos, app attachments and more.

Normally hidden files and deleted files will also be wiped out completely.

Wipe Private Apps Fragments with Nothing Left

Third party app fragments will be erased and impossible to access on your iPhone.

Including corrupted files or incomplete private fragments, App caches and cookies.

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Kik, Viber, Line, Chrome, Skype, WeChat etc.

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